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This is a page for tracking bills that are potential wins for liberty. There is no guarantee that any of this information is up-to-date or accurate. Your mileage may vary. The best thing to do of course is to join the NH Liberty Alliance and get access to the bill review system. Remember of course that bill reviews are the opinion of the reviewers - not the organization. Until a position is published in the Gold Standard, its just other activists taking positions and not the position of the org.

If you want a list of bills that would be nice to kill, see Bills to Kill.


CACR7 - Relating to use of money raised by taxation for education. Providing that money raised by taxation may be applied for the use of religious educational institutions.

HCR3 - This resolution affirms states' power over the federal constitution.

HB15 - Reducing the rate of the business enterprise tax

HB31 - Repealing the prohibition on the possession or sale of blackjacks, slung shot, or metallic knuckles

HB44 - Relative to permissible residential units in a residential zone.

HB67 - Relative to the right to review source code of software in criminal cases

HB69 - Relative to direct payment and membership-based health care facilities

HB100 - Repeals the interest and dividends tax

HB110 - Prohibiting the use of state funds for new passenger rail projects

HB122 - This bill defines homestead food operations and provides food service licensing exemptions for them.

HB127 - Relative to the declaration of a state of emergency

HB128 - Relative to repealing state seed labeling license requirements

HB130 - Repealing the drug affordability board.

HB133 - Relative to repealing the communications services tax

HB135 - Prohibiting no-knock warrants

HB144 - Restoring firearm ownership rights to ex-felons

HB145 - Relative to the collection of sales taxes of foreign jurisdictions by New Hampshire businesses

HB164 - Relative to prohibiting towns from criminalizing the right to peacefully and orderly assemble

HB167 - Relative to nano-brewery licensing

HB173 - Relative to toilet facilities provided by restaurants

HB216 - Exempting dimethyltryptamine from the controlled drug act

HB229 - Relative to requiring an official declaration of war for the activation of the New Hampshire national guard.

HB280 - This bill excludes freeze dried fruits and vegetables from the definition of potentially hazardous food.

HB288 - This bill exempts sole proprietorships and single member LLCs from business enterprise and business profits taxes.

HB328 - This bill legalizes the possession and use of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), mescaline, psilocybin, and peyote for persons 21 years of age and older.

HB348 - This bill increases the amount of raw milk a producer processor can sell or process without a license and removes the requirement that such ice cream and frozen yogurt produced using raw milk be sold in 6 ounce containers. A milk producer-distributor who daily produces for sale less than 160 gallons of raw milk or processes less than 160 gallons of raw milk into cheese aged at least 60 days, yogurt, cream, butter, ice cream, frozen yogurt, or kefir shall not require a milk producer-distributor license, provided these products are offered as direct sales from the producer-distributor's own farm, farm stand, or at a farmers' market to the food consumer within the state of New Hampshire only. Ice cream and frozen yogurt produced and sold under this paragraph shall be packaged in containers [no larger than 6 fluid ounces and shall be] marked with an expiration date 30 days from the date of manufacture.

HB474 - This bill prohibits the enforcement of any federal law or rule that might impair a person's natural right to firearm ownership and natural right to self-defense and requires any public official who attempts to enforce such a federal law to be terminated from their position.

HB481 - This bill requires that the state disclose any prior evidence used to obtain either an arrest warrant or a search warrant, and whether a prior arrest or search warrant was denied based on the evidence being submitted in requesting a new arrest or search warrant.

HB493 - This bill eliminates the state meat inspection program.

HB498 - This bill requires conservation officers to obtain a search warrant for conducting certain enforcement operations.

HB507 - This bill clarifies that penalties for the unlicensed practice of a profession regulated under the office of professional licensure and certification do not apply so long as the person practicing does not hold themselves out as being licensed or certified and discloses the fact that he or she is not licensed or certified.

HB512 - This bill exempts firearms, firearms accessories, and ammunition manufactured in New Hampshire from interstate commerce and from regulation by the federal government.

HB537 - This bill removes the prohibition on front windshield tinted glass.

HB581 - Repealing the controlled drug act and establishing a committee to study the policy and statutory changes necessary to implement the repeal.

HB593 - Prohibiting civil asset forfeiture and ending the federal Equitable Sharing program.

HB610 - This bill expands the definition of provider under the therapeutic cannabis program to include any individual licensed in New Hampshire to prescribe drugs to humans who holds an active registration from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration to prescribe controlled substances. The bill also requires, for issuance of a registry identification card to a minor, certification from 2 providers, one of whom shall provide pediatric care.

HB611 - This bill removes the requirement that severe pain be resistant to other treatment options in order to be considered a qualifying medical condition for therapeutic cannabis.

HB612 - The Liquor Commission indicates this bill would change RSA 178:8, IV from a fee of 5% of wine sold to a tax of $.50 cents per gallon of wine sold within the State.

HB617 - Prohibiting, with limited exceptions, state agencies from requiring use of proprietary software in interactions with the public.

HB624 - This bill requires a law enforcement agency to provide public notice of an immigration checkpoint.

HB639 - Relative to the legalization and regulation of cannabis and making appropriations therefor.

HB644 - This bill makes changes to the regulation of barbers, cosmetologists, and estheticians and specifically exempts "shop licensure" from the list of entities to which the exemption applies.

HB645 - Relative to the establishment of decentralized autonomous organizations as legal entities within the state.

HB646 - This bill exempts vehicles that do not require a commercial driver license to operate from annual equipment inspection to determine whether such vehicles are fit to be driven.

HB650 - This bill modifies the circumstances under which a driver's license may be suspended or revoked for nonpayment of fines, fees, or restitution; removes suspension of a driver’s license or privilege as a sentencing punishment for nonpayment of fines, fees, or restitution; and authorizes the commissioner of safety to expunge the records of individuals covered by this bill.