Bills to Kill


These bills are bad ones that we want to die.

Wanna see some good bills? Check out Watched Bills.


HB32 - Prohibits possession of guns in a school

HB40 - A bill to make it easier to commit voter fraud

HB48 - A bill to require employers to let employees wear masks and engage in other branch covidian nonsense

HB53 - A bill prohibiting the sale or possession of an aerosol self-defense spray weapon for persons under 16 years of age.

HB57 - A bill to increase the statewide minimum wage

HB58 - Prohibiting payment of subminimum wages.

HB59 - A bill to require a background check before private sales of firearms

HB61 - A bill to repeal our ban on CRT in public schools

HB78 - A bill to repeal federal firearm law nullification that Free Staters helped get through in 2022

HB92 - Environmental fascism

HB118 - Bans anti-union training

HB125 - A bill to make it harder for kids to work

HB158 - This bill creates a criminal penalty for the possession, manufacture, or use of armor-piercing ammunition.

HB208 - Establishing greenhouse gas emission reduction goals for the state and establishing a climate action plan.

HB402 - Establishes a precedent for restrictions on the free speech of political publications.

HB444 - This bill prohibits possessing a firearm at a polling place and includes certain exceptions.