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New Hampshire is the best state in the USA

This wiki is for documenting liberty wins in NH so we can get more liberty winners to move to NH to help us have more liberty wins in NH

NH is the home of the Free State Project, an effort to achieve Liberty in our Lifetime by having liberty-lovers move to the beautiful state of New Hampshire. This wiki is here to serve that goal, and to give potential movers the information they need to come on home to New Hampshire.

The most important page is located here: Liberty Wins in New Hampshire

There you will find an (incomplete) list of liberty wins in New Hampshire, organized by date. Check back frequently to see new additions!

Editing the wiki

This wiki is fairly new. We're looking for editors. To become an editor:

  1. Make a new account by clicking the link at the top-right
  2. Join the FSP Discord by going here:
  3. Ask to be able to access the wiki, give us your username so we can approve you.

If you don't want to do the editing yourself, you can also simply share a liberty win in the discord server and share the liberty win, and if it's interesting and people are so motivated they may add information about it. If you don't want to join the discord, you can just tell the admin and he can approve you manually.

Most Recent Liberty Wins

November 8th The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance reports that 97 of their endorsed candidates win in the NH State House, and 2 of their endorse candidates win in the NH State Senate.

July 27th NH Executive Council votes to defund Planned Parenthood for the 4th time in less than a year.

July 1st: HB1455 signed, prohibiting state enforcement of any federal law, order, or rule that requires an individual to provide proof of vaccination against Covid-19. This nullifies federal Vaccine Mandates.

July 1st: HB1174 signed into law. This bill permits election challengers to observe the hand counting of ballots and tabulation of votes from a distance which enables them to maintain a line of sight on any electronic ballot counting device.

June 24th: HB1178 signed into law. This nullifies federal gun control and prohibits state agents from aiding in their enforcement.

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