Good Food Places in New Hampshire

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We often get the question, "Where can I find great Mexican food in NH?", or "Where's the best BBQ place?".

There's lots of great food places in NH. Will the burritos be as good as your favorite burrito spot in San Diego? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We'll let you be the judge. The places listed here were deemed good enough for someone to take the time to type an entry.


NH has some surprisingly good BBQ (for what little exists, remember it's New England), here are some ones to try:

Goody Cole's Smokehouse

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Great BBQ. Some free staters say "the best", others disagree. But the one thing everyone agrees is "it's damn good".


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No BBQ debate or conversation will be taken seriously unless Smokehaus is mentioned as a top contender. Their brisket is good -- really good. Be sure to check the board to the right of the cashier because they always have specials worth checking out. If you're lucky enough to be there when they're offering brisket chili, don't be dumb and not order it.

Traveling Texas Smoke Shop


Rubbin Butts BBQ


KC's Rib Shack



Puritan Backroom



One of the oldest restaurants in New Hampshire, Puritan Backroom invented the fried chicken tender and mudslides. Many say it's got the best fried chicken tenders.

Chez Vachon


French Canadian food. Huge portions for an affordable price. They have a banana bread French toast that is to die for.



You're not a Granite Stater until you've been to 99s. Hell, you're not a New Englander until you've been to 99s. The steak tips are good.

Pub/Bar food

Industry East



Jumpin' Jay's Fish Cafe





Wild Willy's Burgers



This burger place offers burgers, angus burgers, and fancy bison burgers. They also do frappes (New England term for "milkshake").

Lexie's - Peace Love Burgers



Alley Cat Pizzeria

Nik and Charlies


Located in Greenland, Nik & Charlie's passes the grease test when it comes to high-quality pizza.

G & P Pizzeria


Located in Chester, G & P Pizzeria's alfredo sauce is basically boiled cream but their pizzas are great and the maple pizza is decadent and amazing.

Plus when King Sununu told all the restaurants to contact trace G&P dug out some kids old stained spiral notebook and told their customers "sign it or don't, we don't care".

Ramunto's Brick Oven Pizza


Luigi's West End Pizzeria


White Lake Pizza


Tilton House of Pizza


This is a good place to go if you like really stringy mozzarella.

Elm House of Pizza

Wakefield House of Pizza


Located in downtown Wakefield, this place may not look impressive but their pizza will knock your socks off.

Bistros, Tavern and Tapas food

I'm lazy so I'm just going to group all of these into one category



Black Trumpet


The Oak House



"Wait, NH has good Mexican food?!", you gasp. Yes, it's true. Check out these spots for your Mexican food fix:

Vida Cantina

Vida Cantina

Pan Caribbean

Since a lot of Carribean cuisines tend to have similar range of foods we'll just make it it's own category (similar range of African and Indian influences). Anything from Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad, Barbados, Saint Vincent etc will go here. (Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican and just food with origins from Latino countries will go in it's own category)

Indian Food

Himalayan Curry House

Asian Cuisine

This will crisscross over various different East and Southeast Asian cuisines that people *tend* to serve together. (Yes, we are aware that Asia is bigger than that, no we don't care)

Phở Keene Great

Kisaki Japanese Cuisine

Ice Cream

People in NH love ice cream. Makes total sense considering it's freezing and snpowng half the year.

RoseLynn Ice Cream



If you are into ice-cream, Roselynn in Epping makes their own, and were very vocal against snusnu for the lockdowns, even snubbing them and taking donations for their free breakfasts. Freshly made bread and muffins also

Vegetarian & Vegan

The Green Beautiful


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Restaurant offering a breakfast & lunch comfort food menu. Dishes include a breakfast hash, seitan steak, mac cheese, bagels, and more. Open Mon 7:00am-5:00pm, Wed-Sun 7:00am-5:00pm. Closed Tue. Kitchen closes at 3pm.

The Green Elephant

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Serves Pan Asian vegetarian (and vegan) cuisine in a bright space with plenty of seating. Open Wed 11:30am-10:00pm, Thu-Sat 11:30am-1:00am, Sun 11:30am-9:30pm.

The Friendly Toast



Bedford Location: 125 S River Rd, Bedford, New Hampshire, USA, (603) 836-6238

Portsmouth Location: 113 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801, (603) 430-2154

Serves meat, vegan options available. New England group of diner-style restaurants with bar. Offers all-day breakfast and marked vegan options, including vegan mac n cheese, pancakes, tofu scramble, breakfast burrito, veggie burger, and the impossible burger. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-9:00pm.