Winter Checklist


This page serves as a checklist that you can run through yearly to ensure you are set for winter. Want more in-depth detail? Check out Winter Planning


  1. Jacket
  2. Heavy jacket
  3. Boots
  4. Wool socks
  5. Thermal underwear
  6. Hat
  7. Gloves


  1. Do you have enough heating fuel to last the winter?
  2. Do you have enough secondary heating fuel?
  3. Do you have heat that works in a power outage?
  4. Did you seal drafts in the basement?
  5. Did you seal your windows?
  6. Did you plastic your windows?
  7. Did you patch the insulation in your attic?
  8. Did you detach the garden hose and turn off the water to the garden hose?
  9. Do you have a suitable winter shovel?
  10. Did you stock up on de-icer for walkways?
  11. Do you have the phone number for a good plow guy (alt: a decent plow/snowblower)
  12. Do you need to insulate your plumbing?
  13. Is your sump pump operational/plugged in?
  14. Did you replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors?

Woodstove/Fireplace/Pellet Stove Specific

  1. Did you clean the flue?
  2. Did you clean the ashes out?
  3. Is your firewood seasoned (if applicable)?
  4. Do you have sufficient wood pellets (if applicable)?
  5. Do you have a decent ash bucket?
  6. Is a fire extinguisher nearby?

Oil/Propane/Natural Gas Furnace Specific

  1. Did you top up on oil?
  2. Did you replace the air filter, and do you have sufficient air filters on hand?
  3. Is the electric switch to the furnace set to "on"?
  4. Is your thermostat functional?
  5. Do a test run. Does the system start it's burn?
  6. Are the vents open or closed as appropriate?
  7. Is the cold air intake blocked?
  8. Is your pilot light lit (propane/natural gas only)?
  9. Do you have a heat-source that works without electricity, in addition to your furnace (Kerosene or Woodstove)?


  1. Do you have winter tires?
  2. Is your battery healthy?
  3. Have you replaced your antifreeze?
  4. Have you changed your oil?
  5. Do you have an ice-scraper and snow brush in the vehicle?
  6. Have you applied an undercarriage anti-rust coating?
  7. Do you have a pair of sunglasses in the vehicle?
  8. Have you prepared an emergency kit that includes:
    1. Jumper Cables?
    2. Blankets?
    3. Candles?
    4. Matches and Lighter (bring both)?
    5. Jack-stand?
    6. Board for jack stand to prevent it from sinking into loose soil?
    7. Spare tire?
    8. Extra gloves?
    9. Pliers?
    10. Reflective signal (To prevent collisions while stalled on side of highway)
    11. Tow straps?
    12. Tire gauge?
    13. Entrenching tool (Or any small shovel)?
    14. Duct tape?
    15. Contractor bags/Garbage bags?
    16. Tire plugs?
    17. 12v tire inflator?