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Wakefield is a Lakes Region town on the border of Maine. As of the 2020, the population is 5,201. It's the most southerly town in Carroll County.


For being such a small town, Wakefield has a surprising number of restaurants.

Wakefield House of Pizza

This pizza is considered by some to be the best pizza in New Hampshire. Prices are reasonable, and the final product is sufficiently greasy to satisfy the connoisseur.

Poor Peoples Pub

This bar/restaurant hosts an annual Wing Bowl Championship, where locals gorge themselves on wings.

Tumbledown Cafe

Decent bar with pizza and other bar fare.

C&G Pizza

Dedicated pizza spot. More reliable hours than other pizza places in town.

Stores and Markets

Nice little supermarket. Worth watching their meat sales.

The Lovell Lake Village Market is smaller than a typical supermarket, but much much larger than a general store. They often have solid specials on meat.

Home Improvement/Hardware Stores

The Longmeadow Farm & Home Supply is between C&G and the intersection where Poor Peoples Pub and Wakefield House of Pizza hang out.

Other Attractions

Lovell Lake

Wakefield sits on the edge of Lovell Lake, has picturesque views, and good fishing.