Talk:Christianity in New Hampshire


Goals for this page:

  • Add Religious daycares (not pre-schools)
E.g Northwood Little Blessings Learning Center at St. Joseph’s Church
  • Consider a more organized measurement of wokeness
  • Cross-check page with independent web scraping church lists
  • Christian Charities and volunteer opportunities

Best Practices for Editing

1. Lists 1.1 Lists are in alphabetical order by city. 1.2 Sometimes the church name is something like "Portsmouth Church" and the address is Somersworth. In such a case, it is reasonable to modify the address to something like "1234 church ave, [city in actual address]/[city in church name], NH, 12345".

2. Inclusion 2.1 A group should be named under is US affiliate name. 2.2 A group should be included under its denomination. 2.3 A denomination, where applicable, should be listed under its tradition - e.g., United Methodist Church are under Methodism. 2.4 If a denomination rejects the orthodox position of Christian faith in the Trinity, e.g. rejecting the Nicene Creed, it shouldn't be considered Christian and included in the denomination list. 2.5 If a group stems from Christianity and shares much of its original theology or scripture with Christianity, e.g. Jehovah's Witnesses, it could be included on this page in the 'Other Groups' section. 2.6 If, on matters it has diverged so heavily as to be unrecognizable, such as with Unitarian Universalism, it should not be included in spite of the historical connection between the groups.

3. Small Denominations 3.1 Small denominations with only one New Hampshire-based church should be placed in the "non-denominational" section, with a link to the church denominational site in the notes section and an explanation that they are the sole church of that denomination in NH. Example: CREC and Tri-City Covenantal Church. 3.2 If the denomination is very large in the United States but has one or zero churches in New Hampshire, it may still be listed in its own subsection under its tradition.

4. Wokeness Determination 4.1 Indicate what the church denomination says about the church, if applicable 4.2 Church website takes precedence over denomination site as it is more likely to be up-to-date 4.3 Indicate political & social justice symbols and/or statements on the church's website 4.4 Indicate overtly political organizations donated to 4.5 While a pastor may not represent his entire congregation, he is their shepherd and spiritual overseer in certain ways and as such should be held as a weathervane for church beliefs in practice. As such, a pastor's statements may be reasonable to take into account. 4.6 If an indicator of wokeness is from a sermon by the church, linking to the sermon is ideal.