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Florida is considered to be one of the more free states in the United States. It is not as free as New Hampshire, but it has many other benefits.


Florida has a baseline 6 percent state sales tax. They also have a 6.95 percent tax on electricity sales, and a 5.5 percent tax on commercial real estate licensing/leasing.

On top of that, counties may charge a sales tax rate between .5 percent and 2.5 percent, meaning the maximum amount of sales tax you might be required to pay in Florida is 8.5 percent.

Like New Hampshire, Florida does not have a general income tax.

Gun Rights

Florida requires a permit to carry conceal carry handguns, and open carry is also infamously restricted to activities such as fishing, camping and hunting. They also have a waiting period of 3 days, and individual counties and cities have the right to extend this period to 5 days.

Florida also has "Red Flag" laws. This means that the state of Florida has granted themselves the right to seize your firearms without due process. Such actions are illegal violations of the New Hampshire constitution.

Since the Red Flag laws were implemented in Florida, they've been used over 6,000 times.


Florida generally has pleasant weather, but this isn't always the case. Hurricanes are a yearly occurrence in Florida, often requiring evacuations for safety concerns. With those comes flooding. These can be mitigated with advance planning and preparation. They do not experience snow, with yearly lows above 40°F. Summers can be very harsh and humid, with temperatures of 90 degrees an air-conditioning system is a requirement in this sub-tropical environment. There is not an Autumn in Florida.


Florida is notorious for having some of the worst drivers in the country.


The population of Florida is significantly higher than New Hampshire, meaning that libertarians are less effectively able to influence policy decisions. In New Hampshire, liberty reps make up around a quarter of the state house, but in Florida they make practically zero percent.