Cost of Living


Granite Staters enjoy high wages, as New Hampshire ranks 8th in the country, 25% higher than the median state when it comes to household income. This more than makes up for the higher than average cost of living rating, which ranks #42 with a score of 17.4% above the national average. Additionally, New Hampshire is more affordable than each of its neighbors except Vermont, which ranks #41.


Buying a Home

The median home price in New Hampshire is $430,000 and this has been increasing at a rapid rate over the last few years. A fixed 15 or 30 year loan currently can be expected to have an interest rate between four and five percent.

Property Taxes in New Hampshire are some of the highest in the country, at around a 1.89% effective rate. See Property Taxes for more information.

Despite this, it is not uncommon to find houses for sale in some parts of New Hampshire well below the market rate. The most affordable real estate is often in Berlin, where houses can be had for less than 100k.


Median Apartment Rent
Studio One Bedroom Two Bedroom
$876 $1,118 $1,498

The price to rent has increased by ~25% over the last five years due to the mad rush by people in more authoritarian states attempting to escape Covid tyranny, however free-staters often give "Sweetheart" deals to other liberty lovers. It is worth investigating this as an option.



Average Monthly Heating Bill
Studio One Bedroom Two Bedroom
$122 $145 $184


New Hampshire has four primary residential electric utility providers: PSNH, Unitil, National Grid, and the NHEC. Typical energy bills vary moderately between these companies.

Average Monthly Residential Energy Bill
National Grid PSNH Unitil NHEC
$81 $85 $95 $100

Waste Management

Most Waste Management in New Hampshire is handled by the municipality or by a private disposal company.


Phone Services


Most New Hampshire residents get their water from private wells (38%) or a municipal utility. Some residents also use one of New Hampshire's private water utility companies (15%). Water rates at present range from a low of about $250 annually to a high of just over $1,000 for a typical year-round residential customer.



Healthcare & Insurances


Private School Tuition

New Hampshire State Voucher (School Choice) programs enable taxpayer dollars to be returned to the parent for use at private schools.