The capital of New Hampshire is Concord. Here, you will find the State House, where liberty lovers in office go to do their best to scale back the state and let freedom reign supreme. In fact, the gold dome of the State House can be seen from many different places in and around Concord and serves as a beacon of liberty for the residents of NH.

With its quaint, picturesque downtown area lined with "mom & pop" small businesses, New Hampshire's capital has something for everyone. There are bakeries, restaurants, bars, breweries, coffee shops, brunch spots, a popular bagle place, a consignment store, multiple home and furniture shops, ann excellent cooking store, bookstores, a grocery co-op, an independent movie theater, multiple ice cream and sweet shops, a performing arts theater, and there's even a hidden speakeasy... if you know where to find it.

Saturday mornings really come alive in Concord with the weekly Farmers Market where you can find everything from local wine to homemade doughnuts. The market features dozens of stalls across multiple blocks and will surely be a regular part of your Saturday routine.

After the Farmers Market and some brunch, head over to Area 23, our local Free Stater owned brew bar and have yourself a hazy NEIPA and a bowl of bacon. Stay while for some live music, a round of pool, or a friendly board game. Be sure to check the FSP Calendar for regular Free State meetups and events.

Concord is well situated in the center of the state with convenient access to other liberty community centers, liberty meetups, and regular FSP events. You're about an hour from anywhere in the state wether it be the Seacoast, the Communist Republic of Keene, the beautiful Lakes Region, or Costco!

For those that have to travel frequently, there's a great shuttle bus that runs from Concord to Boston Logan International Airport that's comfy, relatively quick, and has great WiFi. Trips are only about $22!


Area 23 Beer & Cider - Free Stater-owned beer bar. Lots of beer and cider on tap and in cans / bottles to quench your thirst. Pool tables, darts, board games, mand any large tables for having fun with friends old and new. Live music to shake your ass to. All of this plus bowls of bacon! There are regular liberty meetups here, check the FSP calendar for dates / times.

Revival Kitchen & Bar - Arguably one of the best restaurants in Concord if not in the state. Creative dishes, great wine, tasty cocktails, and a comfy outdoor area make this place worthy of your money.

Chuck's BARber Shop - This hidden speakeasy offers the finest in he world of mixology alongside delicious food... if you can find it.

Georgia's Northside BBQ & Beer Market - Great BBQ and great beer. </end>

The Brothers' Cortado - Excellent coffee and many creative drinks await you at The Brothers' Cortado. This place has a great vibe w/o the pretentious coffeehouse thing. They even have an on-site bakery so that you can munch yourself into a delicious carb-coma. They don't roast their own beans but instead choose to highlight local NH roasters.

Stores and Markets

Concord Food Co-Op - Fresh, organic produce, bulk items, kombucha and nitro growler fills, rotisserie chicken, hot food to-go, local beer & cider, and local meats.

Double Midnight Comics - Flex your inner nerd with comic books, Magic the Gathering and other nerdy card games, board games, and RPGs. They have a big game room where you can relax and have fun.

Other Attractions

The State House is located here.