Cannabis Laws


New Hampshire cannabis legislation is currently less liberal compared to neighbouring New England States but still better than the average across the US.

Recreational Marijuana

The possession of Cannabis for recreational use is illegal in New Hampshire. The possession of up to three-quarters of an ounce (21g) was decriminalized in 2017 by HB640 but is still punishable by a $100 fine for a first or second offense and up to $300 for any subsequent offense within three years. Possession of larger amounts is a misdemeanor and can be punished by up to 1 year in prison or a fine up to $350.

Bills to fully legalize the possession have repeatedly failed in the NH Senate, but in a 2022 poll, 74% of residents supported legalization and the governor has said he is open to signing such a bill.

Medical Marijuana

New Hampshire has a Therapeutic Cannabis Program that was established under RSA 126-X in 2013. Patients or caregivers have to apply for a registry ID card that allows them to purchase medical marijuana from one of the state’s licensed and regulated Alternative Treatment Centers. The program is one of the stricter ones in the country and only applies to certain chronic illnesses if other treatment methods have failed. HB 89 added Autism Spectrum Disorder and Moderate to Severe Insomnia as qualifying medical conditions in 2021.