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Milton is a small town just north of Rochester. As of the 2020, the population is 4,482. It shares a border with Maine. The downtown area is right on the shores of Milton Pond, where ice-fishing is popular in the winter.


Milton hosts a handful of small restaurants.

Milton House of Pizza

The local pizza joint. The pizza is better than Papa Ginos.


Located downtown by the tracks, with a nice view of the Milton Pond, this restaurant serves breakfast food primarily. Good food but served on paper china and straws. The Biscuits and Gravy are nice, just eat them quick because they'll soak the plates through.

China Pond

You can get General Tso's Chicken at the China Pond, which is ironically located right at the edge of Milton Pond.

Stores and Markets

There is a Dollar General, but that's about it. If you live in Milton, expect to drive to Rochester for groceries.

Milton Hardware

This place is way smaller than the Home Depot or Lowes, but makes up for it in character. They sell kerosene and usually also pellet fuel. They also have paints, tools, and other things you would expect to find at a hardware store.

Other Attractions

Milton hosts Ice Races in the winter after the pond freezes over. Basically, it's a bunch of people driving around like madmen on a frozen pond.