Liberty Wins in New Hampshire

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(This list is incomplete. You can help by expanding it)

This page serves as a giant list of basically all the liberty wins we know about.


November 8th The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance reports that 97 of their endorsed candidates win in the NH State House, and 2 of their endorsed candidates win in the NH State Senate.

July 27th NH Executive Council votes to defund Planned Parenthood for the 4th time in less than a year.

July 1st: HB1455 signed, prohibiting state enforcement of any federal law, order, or rule that requires an individual to provide proof of vaccination against Covid. This nullifies federal Vaccine Mandates.

July 1st: HB1174 signed into law. This bill permits election challengers to observe the hand counting of ballots and tabulation of votes from a distance which enables them to maintain a line of sight on any electronic ballot counting device.

June 24th: HB1178 signed into law, prohibiting the state from enforcing any federal statute, regulation, or Presidential Executive Order that restricts or regulates the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

June 24th: HB1495 signed into law. This prohibits the state from requiring businesses to require vaccine or documentation related to vaccination or immunity status. (Note: This does not ban businesses from requiring vaccination, this bans the state from requiring businesses to require vaccination) See: Vaccine Mandate

June 24th: HB1604 signed into law. This bill requires state hospitals and medical facilities to grant religious and medical exemptions from vaccination requirements. See: Vaccine Mandate

June 24th: HB1606 signed into law. This modifies the vaccine registry so that instead of it being an opt-out system, it is an "opt" system. It also provides that a patient's personal data shall not be entered into the registry without their explicit consent. This applies to all vaccines, not just ones that are pushed as a result of recent events. See: Vaccine Registry

June 8th: Anti-vaccine mandate protesters who disrupted Executive Council meeting will not be prosecuted.

June 7th: HB314 signed into law. This bill reduced licensing requirements for farmers by increasing the amount of food homestead food operations can sell before requiring a license.

June 2nd: HB-1663 signed into law. This bill clarified that homeschool student portfolios remained the property of the parent, not the state, as well as making other aspects of homeschooling in New Hampshire more libertarian in nature.

May 26th: HB-1221-FN is signed, reducing Business Profits Taxes.

May 26th: HB1439 signed. This bill requires that people be allowed to have family present while the patient receives care. This is important due to the authoritarian way in which families were separated due to Covid lunacy.

May 26th: HB1476-FN is defeated. This bill would have rolled-back various bail reforms.

May 20th: HB1003 signed, prohibiting health-care providers from refusing to provide care based on a patient's vaccination status.

May 20th: HB1488 signed. It bans government from discriminating against people based on their refusal to participate in the immunization registry.

May 20th: HB1608 signed, ensuring people are informed that they have a right to remove their Covid vaccination status from the immunization registry.

May 5th: A prohibition against OHRV (Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle) travel on Hoit Road Marsh is repealed.

May 4th: SB277 enacted. This turns temporary healthcare licenses issued in 2021 to deal with medical shortages permanent, and extends provisions allowing out-of-state medical workers to operate in NH legally.

April 20th: The NH Supreme Court orders the town of Canaan to release report on police misconduct.

April 11th: HB207 signed, eliminating licensing requirements for Household Goods carriers.

April 4th: HB440 signed. This prohibits the suspension of civil liberties during a state of emergency.

March 23rd: Town of Barrington forced to drop lawsuit against 2A Tactical.

March 15th: HB1280 passes, prohibiting the state from using refusal to vaccinate as evidence to terminate parental rights


June 24th: SB130 passes, bringing School Choice to New Hampshire through Educational Freedom Accounts.

June 25th: HB2 approved, phasing out the Interest and Dividends tax, reducing Business Taxes, reduced spending by over $100 million, reformed governor Emergency Powers, restricted teaching discrimination (including Critical Race Theory), and provided $100 million in property tax relief.


September 17th: HB712 defeated. This bill would have introduced a Paid Family Leave program funded by an income/payroll tax.

March 6th: HB559 defeated, this would have required stores to use paper bags.


May 30th: passes after governor veto overridden. HB455, repeals the option of the state to put an individual to death as a penalty for a crime.

September 25th: Defeated HB2, which would have increased taxes on employers, established a Capital Gains tax, established a 0.5% tax on wages, as well as establishing a framework for a massively expanded state budget.

September 19th: Defeated SB1, which would have established a Paid Family Leave program funded by an income/payroll tax.

September 9th: Defeated HB1, which would have increased spending by 11.5%.


December 5th: NH Constitution amended by vote to include a Right of Privacy.

December 5th: NH Constitution amended by vote to ensure that taxpayers have standing to bring actions against the government.


March 28th: HB-474 bans the use of Stingrays, which are wireless cell-phone snooping devices, without a warrant.

February 22nd: SB12 takes effect, and New Hampshire becomes a Constitutional Carry state.


June 6th: SB481 signed into law, abolishing Certificates of Need for hospitals.


June 22nd: Agents from the Department of Revenue attempted to enforce tax and licensing regulations at PorcFest, but left after being met by an unwelcoming crowd of festival attendees.



July 24th: HB253 signed, it allows a nano brewery to obtain a license upgrade exempting the licensee from sales limitations where the nano brewery has an existing on-premises beverage and wine license and sells food. This allowed nano-breweries to thrive.



June 7th: HB544 passes, protecting knife ownership in all towns and municipalities.


May 18th: HB1665 passes, removing all restrictions the carrying or selling of a stiletto, switch knife, dagger, or dirk-knife.


June 3rd: HB436 signed, legalizing gay marriage and protecting the rights of clergy so that they aren't forced to solemnize gay marriage.